The Bath

Édith Carron (b. 1983)

Materials: Illustrated print on paper

Date: c. 2012

Dimensions: 12” X 15” (Border) 8” X 11.5” (Image)

(Signed and numbered ’19/30’, lower right)

The illustrations of French artist Édith Carron approach everyday life through a colorful storybook lens, reexamining topics of gender, sexuality, nature and culture in a lithe, playful, yet unabashedly open and exploratory manner. ‘The Bath’, is one of Carron’s more sensual works, depicting two lovers taking in a leisurely soak. Originally rendered in colored pencil, the preferred medium of the artist, the gentle colors, minimalist outline of the figures against the loose, broad crosshatching, set the peaceful and personal tone for this drawing. Even the viewer’s perspective, looking on from an altered ‘God’s eye view’, evokes the sensation we’re intruding in this private world. The smallness of the space these figures harmoniously share, limbs gently entwined in the tub, without the distractions of material possessions surrounding (save for single chair with a towel draped over the back), only nourishes the sense of intimacy between them.

Édith Carron studied at the Estienne Illustration School of Art in Paris and the Strasbourg Arts Décoratifs School of Art, earning her diploma from the Berlin Weissensee Fine Art School. Currently situated and working from Berlin for the past decade, Carron’s growing body of work has included drawings, sketches, paintings and animation. Her artwork has been featured in numerous international magazines and news publications, including The New Yorker, The New York Times, Vogue, Vice, ELLE, The Guardian, Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin and M le magazine du Monde. She has also collaborated creatively with various companies, namely Gucci, Google, Visa, Kiesel, Hera and Le Chocolat des Français.

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